Image of Relentless: A Novel


Image of Relentless: A Novel

Exploring the line that separates the best and worst of humanity is a Koontz specialty. But in this mesmerizing tale, narrated by a persecuted author, readers can only hang on tight as "normality" spins wildly, and at times, humorously out of control. Storyteller extraordinaire Koontz kicks things to a new level!

Successful novelist Cubby Greenwich is celebrating the release of his sixth novel with his equally successful children's-author wife and their genius 6-year-old son when their lives run off the rails. It starts with an eviscerating review by much-feared critic Shearman Waxx, but escalates into nightmarish terror. After an inadvertent meeting with Waxx, Cubby and his family are suddenly under attack. They're not the first to be stalked in such a manner; the others were murdered in gruesome ways. Cubby and his family are now running for their lives from a conspiracy that runs deep. (BANTAM, Jun., 368 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith