Image of Elopement for One


Image of Elopement for One

This novel is an excellent addition to the romantic suspense genre. Hero Rhys is immediately compelling because of the intensity that he shows in pursuit of Nev. And it is inspiring to see the lengths that this spunky heroine will go to as she refuses to let her grief and fear keep her from embracing life and love. The author skillfully weaves details into the story to speed up the pace while bringing alive a myriad of settings and characters. However, readers who are new to the series may feel like they are missing crucial details about this group of tight-knit terrorism fighters. While it is always a pleasure to find new series, this story will be best enjoyed by by those who are already familiar with Kaylea Cross’ world.

Soldier Rhys has wanted Nev since he met the young doctor in France several years ago. However, after she saves his life while he is rescuing her from being kidnapped by terrorists, Rhys decides he is unworthy of her love. Nev is willing to fight her attraction to Rhys, believing that he doesn’t care for her. But when he volunteers to be her bodyguard at a high-risk conference, Nev won’t let any of his objections stand in the way of their love. Will Nev get the chance to convince Rhys they are meant to be before the next terrorist strike? (The Wild Rose Press, Sept., dl. $7.00)

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Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard