Image of Relentless


Image of Relentless

The Lodestone crew returns with a romantic thriller that spans the globe from Seattle to London to Cairo. Egyptology and the hunt for the lost tomb of Cleopatra takes this hero and heroine on a wild adventure that uses the hero’s uncanny ability to see coordinates of objects in his head. Adair brings all her formidable talent to bear in order to serve up a thrilling and chilling tale sure to please her legions of fans!

Ex-MI5 agent Connor Thorne is still recovering from the wounds he received after nearly dying during an operation gone bad. As he recuperates, Thorne is currently working for Lodestone in Seattle and taking on low-risk cases. That all changes when Isis McGee arrives asking for help proving that her Egyptologist father August McGee really did locate a missing tomb before his crew was killed and he suffered a head injury. Sadly August also seems to be now suffering from Alzheimer’s, so it is up to Isis to find the tomb and salvage his reputation. The last thing Thorne wants is to head back to the desert, but Isis is one determined lady! (POCKET, Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith