Image of Relentless (Harlequin Intrigue\Corcoran Team)


Image of Relentless (Harlequin Intrigue\Corcoran Team)

RELENTLESS (4) by HelenKay Dimon: Ben Tanner doesn’t hide his interest in the pretty nurse he meets during his last assignment for the Corcoran Team. When Jocelyn Raine says no, he keeps asking until she relents. And when she’s attacked after they say good night, Ben comes to the rescue. Jocelyn was once the target of a stalker, but she changed her name and moved away to start a new life. Suddenly she’s thrust into danger, surrounded by men who take the violence in stride, and attracted to a man who has proven he will put his body between her and the enemy. Dimon’s series takes off in high gear and never lets up on the action until the final compelling pages.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper