Image of Relentless Pursuit


Image of Relentless Pursuit

RELENTLESS PURSUIT (4.5) by Sara Orwig: Millionaire William Delaney will do anything to restore his 5-year-old niece to the bright child she was before her father died, and he’s ready to pay teacher Ava Barton whatever she wants for her help. Ava is trying to start her own school for special-needs children, and William’s monetary offer will go a long way to doing that. Besides that, her heart breaks for the little girl with the solemn eyes — and the sexy man who loves her. Despite her best intentions, Ana’s drawn under their spell. Orwig’s fine hand with romance and families, as well as her way of dropping shattering surprises into the climax, make this tale a must-read.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper