Trudy Johnson is fresh out of ideas for her next book. So her agent sets her up for three months in a rustic cottage in Cooperstown, but Trudy isn't enamored of the idea. After meeting Sam and Jim, the two brothers who run the place, however, she thinks the rustic life might not be so bad.

When she finds a picture of a man she used for inspiration in her last novel, she is ecstatic. Why couldn't she meet a man like Cuyler Carr—dreamy eyes, old-world manners and a nice bod to boot? She does just that when she awakens the morning after the Summer Solstice. The year is 1897, and she is in bed with the man of her dreams—and her book.

Cuyler thinks Trudy has been com-promised, and his marriage proposal will solve the problem of explaining where she came from and protect her reputation. She is relieved that Cuyler believes her fantastic tale of time travel and plans to be a dutiful wife in public—and in private, she just might show him how a woman of the future keeps her man.

But her plans are put on hold when a storm sends her back to 1997, where she discovers that Sam and Jim are also time travelers. Instead of being happy, she wants a one-way ticket to the past and her love.

Book one of Van Horne's new time- travel series is unique. Her method of sending the heroine back and forth in time is unusual and intriguing, and she uses a time period when polite society actually gave a rip about morals to show Trudy her heart's desire. (Jan., 410 pp., $16.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith