Tyndall visits the 1660s
in the second book of the Legacy of the King's Pirates series. The characters are filled with life and energy, and the action builds from the first page to the last. Readers new to the series might be a little confused, but Tyndall provides background information. The romance and spiritual focus are top-notch. Merrick is a dashing yet flawed hero, and Charlisse is a demure yet headstrong heroine. The combination is fantastic and engrossing.

Former pirate Edmund Merrick has married his love, Charlisse, and sets about spreading God's word among those caught up in pirate activities. When the town they are staying in is attacked by pirates, Merrick mistakenly believes Charlisse has been killed.

As he drowns in his grief, he feels distant from God and returns to some of his old ways. Will the two find their way back to each other and to God? (BARBOUR, Jan., 288 pp., $9.97)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel