Image of Relic (The Books of Eva I)


Image of Relic (The Books of Eva I)

Gripping, absorbing and genuine, Relic keeps the reader guessing until the final page. Eva, relentless and determined, is the perfect blend of strength and weakness. She’s the kind of character who sticks with you. Is Eva destined to be the next Archon?

Eamon, twin brother of Eva, died tragically a few months before he was slated to compete in the Testing, a religious, sanctified competition to decide the next Archon. The contestants train for years to endure the difficult trials, to find relics that connect the world of the Aerie to sordid times passed. In a society governed by strict social traditions, Eva is the first young woman to enter the Testing for generations. She is not the favorite to win. When the Testing is complete she is expected to marry Jasper, a young man from a noble family and fellow competitor. But the Testing changes everything that Eva believed in, including herself. How will she go on when she doesn’t even know her own heart? (SOHO TEEN, Oct., 288 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 978161695196, HC, 14 & Up)
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Krys Tourtois