Western romances have been flowing along the same river for quite a while, and the subgenre needs to dive into some whitewater rapids. Greenwood's latest skirts along the edge of a faster, wilder West.

Mail-order bride Tanzy Gallant decides not to marry rancher Russ Tibbolt for several reasons: He's involved in what looks like a feud, a situation Tanzy left home to escape, and he probably won't allow her to take part in the important decisions of their lives. Though Russ agrees not to marry, he is too attracted to stay away from Tanzy, and she begins to see a different side of Russ.

All in all, this is a western well worth the purchase: a light and bright romance shaded just enough by the anti-romantic descriptions of family, upbringing and the flawed pasts of both hero and heroine. Here's to Greenwood being the first western romance writer to shoot the rapids. SENSUAL (Jan., 373 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger