Image of The Reluctant Duke


Image of The Reluctant Duke

THE RELUCTANT DUKE (4.5) by Carole Mortimer: Lexie Hamilton has her own reasons for agreeing to be Lucan St. Clair’s temporary assistant — years ago, her grandmother and his father were very much in love and she wants to know what her “Grandpa Alex’s” family is really like. Lucan, saddled with a ducal title and a mansion he despises, is in no mood to deal with another crisis at Mulberry Hall alone. Lexie knows if she accompanies him to his estate, someone will recognize her, but she has no choice. She hopes that when the truth comes out, it won’t hurt as much as she fears it will. This is an excellently penned tale about family dynamics, grudges and letting go of the past. The ending is particularly satisfying.

Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes