Before there was Buffy, there was Jane Van Helsing of the legendary vampire-hunting dynasty. The most reluctant of slayers, Jane is deathly afraid of spiders. With her brother in Transylvania, Jane takes the bull by the horns, or rather the vampire by the fangs, planning to seduce -- and stake -- the Earl of Wolverton, Neil Asher.

Asher loves beautiful women and freckled plain Jane isn't his type. Why is he so fascinated with the sassy-mouthed miss who is forever getting in his way, ruining his clothes, stabbing him and trading verbal barbs faster than a speeding silver bullet? Could all this have something to do with Jane's friend Clair Frankenstein's matchmaking plans?

An accidental staking places them in a compromising situation and headed for the altar. Jane must make the most of her predicament and use her marriage to Asher to lure out the most infamous vampire of all: Dracula.

Webber delights readers with another laugh-out-loud tale of mayhem among the supernatural ton. She spices up her plot with biting repartee, sparkling dialogue and witty literary references to everything from Shakespeare to Dickens and Gone With the Wind to The Fantasticks. This wonderfully witty, wildly clever, gripping, sensual and exciting romp proves that Webber's reputation as an up-and-comer is well and truly deserved. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin