After her brother's death, Lady Margaret Wentworth continues writing news articles under his pen name and going places no "lady" should go. She's at a renowned house of ill repute when she encounters Lord James Ramsey.

James had been Margaret's brother's friend and promised to protect Margaret after his death. He believes Margaret is the infamous courtesan known as Lady X, a once wealthy woman fallen on hard times. Intent upon fulfilling his vow, James abducts Margaret.

Though Margaret tries to understand why James would kidnap her, she cannot deny her attraction to him. It is difficult for James to control his feelings around Margaret as well, even when he discovers she is an innocent.

But even then he keeps a close watch on her and continues to come to her rescue time and again. It seems that someone has made her their target. Who would want her dead?

There are many laugh-out-loud moments in THE RELUCTANT REFORMER, as James and Margaret continually get in one another's way-along with the best intentions of their matchmaking relatives and friends-as well as an aspect of suspense that keeps the reader's interest at a high level. However, the foolish misunderstandings over Margaret's identity go on far too long, becoming tiresome. A quicker pace would have added more appeal to this amusing read. SENSUAL (Feb., 331pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin