Nelson's sophomore effort educates and entertains. The spiritual aspect is outstanding, and the exploration of a religious organization that may or may not be a cult is intriguing. There's not as much mystery in this novel as there was in her first book, and the art portions -- which made the first book shine -- take a backseat to other issues.

When priceless antiques are stolen from a New Mexico museum, security expert Desiree Jacobs rushes to find out what she can about the theft. She must get to the bottom of the crime, because the woman the authorities suspect is related to Desiree's best friend, Max, and the accused is missing.

FBI agent Tony Lucano, Desiree's boyfriend, is investigating something of his own. When it becomes apparent that Tony's and Desiree's cases are linked, Tony wants her to back off and let the authorities handle things. Her refusal leads to explosive results. (MULTNOMAH, Mar., 350 pp. $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel