Image of Remain Silent


Image of Remain Silent

Denton's title is packed with sinful pleasure, dark mystery and double-crossing. She draws in readers with intense relationships and keeps them guessing with clues that seem to lead nowhere, cops operating on both sides of the law and several unexpected plot twists. Love scenes scattered through the story bring heat and passion to pages that nearly turn themselves.

Laurel Jennings has been accused of murdering her business partner. She faces the death penalty if convicted, but former flame and attorney Damon Metcalf won't let that happen. They fight their personal demons privately, while openly reigniting the sparks that once smoldered between them. Tension mounts, both sexually and in the case, when Laurel becomes the victim of an attempted assassination and then disappears. The identity of the murderer is as much a mystery as whether Laurel will make it out of this crisis alive. (BRAVA, Nov., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen