Roberts has a unique gift: She makes talking to the dead as natural as talking to your neighbor over a cup of coffee. Sadie Novak, who cleans up crime scenes for a living, is a charming new heroine with a great deal of heart who helps stranded spirits and solves crimes. Sadie and hunky ex-cop Zack make a delightful odd couple. Here's hoping she comes back soon.

While cleaning up a bloody murder–suicide scene, clairvoyant Sadie is contacted by the ghost of a murdered woman who swears the prime suspect, her husband, didn't kill her. Could it be that their perfect marriage wasn't so perfect, or has somebody set things up to look that way? As Sadie tries to track down the killer, she finds her reputation tarnished when she's accused of jewelry theft. And now someone's trying to kill her. Can Zack keep her alive long enough to find out who murdered the ghost? (Obsidian, Dec., 288 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper