Ms. Plunkett has woven history and humor together with the magic of time-travel to create a wonderful novel you will enjoy. Gentle readers should be warned that some violence (endemic to the era) may be disturbing.

Lonely L.A. research chemist Dr. Winifred McCanless immerses herself in her work. When a violent lightening storm strikes her lab a strange energy force is released that rips Winifred away from the present, hurling her back through time to 1866 Alaska.

Upon regaining consciousness, Winifred is shocked to find herself in the body of the beautiful, but dimwitted Felicity Forsythe Hamilton. Apparently a victim of a near drowning, she is confronted by a savage-looking stranger claiming to be her husband.

Ransom Hamilton, a wealthy timber baron and prominent citizen of Sitka Island, is enraged to find himself wed to the vacuous Felicity. How can his mentor, Arch Forsythe, betray him and his plans for the future this way?

It was Cassandra, Felicity's sister, who should have been his bride and mother to his heirs. Believing Felicity to be childlike and innocent, Ransom is unprepared for life with the complex, intriguing woman she has become. As he fights his unknown business enemy, Ransom slowly begins to believe Winifred's bizarre story and comes to accept the love she cannot hide from him.

Winifred struggles with her new identity and the growing love she feels for Ransom. With the help of a Tingit shaman, she is finally able to accept her new and enriched life.

(Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri McNeill