Amanda Darlington is on her way to rescue an abandoned child when her coach careens into a very drunk Jackson Montgomery. Honor bound to care for the man she has injured and without even knowing his identity, Amanda risks her reputation to nurse him back to health.

When Jack awakens he has amnesia and no idea that he was betrothed or that he is a nobleman. All he knows is that lovely Amanda steals his heart.

After his memory returns, he realizes that he may have jilted his betrothed, and that he's in love with Amanda. The only way he can manage to stay with her is to feign amnesia.

His little charade leads them into some dangerous waters as past secrets, Amanda's mission, Jack's brother and present obligations imperil the lovers.

REMEMBER ME is an entertaining, fast-paced read that will both amuse and warm the hearts of Regency romance readers. Danice Allen's bright, sparkling sense of humor is a pleasure to behold and let's hope we see more of Justin Montgomery. SWEET (Jan., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin