Clay LeGrand left for work, fresh from the arms of his loving wife, Francesca. At the end of his work day, however, all was shattered when he arrived home to an empty house. Finding disarray, and some blood in their bathroom, Clay called the police. Instead of help finding Frankie, Clay gets suspected of killing her, and spends two years with whispers behind his back and accusatory glares wherever he goes.

Then one day he arrives home to find Frankie in his bed, as if no time had passed. She has no memory of the time she has been gone and Clay doesnt know whether to rejoice or strangle her.

She looks a little different, and its obvious shes been through a lot, but Clay doesnt know if he can ever trust Francesca againor his own feelings. Little by little, clues surface as to where Frankie has been and who she was with. But will she remember before the horror comes back into her life, this time with a plan to ensure she never gets away again?

Sharon Sala masterfully manages to get deeply into her characters and lets readers watch their reasonings, fears, loves and obsessions without sacrificing a truly exciting story. (Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson