Image of Remember Me (Pieces of Silver Series #2)


Image of Remember Me (Pieces of Silver Series #2)

Set during World War I, this sequel tells the story of the traitor from Pieces of Silver. At first, readers of book one may wonder how they can have empathy for this character, but Lang does just that. Her research seems accurate, and her plot's believable.

Lissa Parker wants to work overseas with the Red Cross to help the men fighting for Allies, even though her protective family wants her to stay home. Then she meets Josef Warner, who is injured and suffering from memory loss. She considers staying to nurse him back to health but in the end leaves for duty. Eventually, Josef signs on to serve overseas as well. When his memory returns, he must make a difficult decision: turn on the men he has fought with so bravely or strive to be a hero for the woman he now loves -- even if she rejects him when she learns the truth about him. (Kregel, Mar., 336 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston