Image of Remember Me, Cowboy


Image of Remember Me, Cowboy

REMEMBER ME, COWBOY (4.5) by C.J. Carmichael: Corb Lambert has no memory of the tragic accident that took his brother’s life and left him in a coma for several days — or of the week before, and the time he spent with pretty Laurel Sheridan. Laurel is still reeling from the circumstances that left her two months pregnant by a man who doesn’t even remember her name. Corb is determined to do the right thing by Laurel even if it means romancing her all over again. When Laurel’s doubts prompt her to run, Corb is in a fight not just for the past he can’t remember, but for a future he can’t live without. Carmichael’s story is a poignant one that will capture readers from start to finish.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper