Jan Burke fans rejoice! It's time for another dazzling chapter in the ongoing suspense series featuring irrepressible reporter Irene Kelly.

Irene and her brand new husband, homicide detective Frank Harriman, are still getting used to the ups and downs of married life. While researching a column on public transportation, Irene has a disturbing encounter with a homeless derelict who claims to know her and has a story to tell. It is not until much later that Irene learns his identity. During a meeting of the Save our Shelter organization, Irene is informed that the man was her former college statistics instructor, a highly promising graduate student named Lucas Monroe.

What caused Lucas to fall from such promising heights? The puzzle is compounded when the head of the Las Piernas Bank commits suicide after receiving a note from Lucas. Irene attempts to locate Lucas, but discovers to her despair that he has been killed. Something happened all those years ago that seems to involves a lot of prominent businessmen. For Irene, discovering the truth becomes a quest in Lucas' memory.

REMEMBER ME, IRENE is another stunning example of the shining talent that has made Jan Burke's novels such a genuine pleasure to read. This continues to be one of the most delightful and intriguing suspense series around.

(Feb, 302 pp., $21.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith