From childhood Jennifer Franklin has been haunted by a disturbingly real dream filled with joyous love, mindless jealousy and murder.

In her dream, she experiences all the joy of love between a man named Seth and a young woman named Anna. Their happiness is short lived, however, as they are brutally murdered by Anna's cousin Maudie, who is obsessed with Seth. The dream is so real that Jenny even awakens with a red mark on her chest where Anna was fatally stabbed.

Jenny assumes that this dream is unique to herself, until the day she reads author Brett McCormick's newest novel. She is astonished to discover that Brett has outlined the life stories of Seth and Anna, with only a few details regarding their deaths having been changed. Intrigued, Jenny attends a book signing of Brett's and slips him a note informing him of the inaccuracies in the book's final horrific scene.

Brett McCormick doesn't quite know what to make of Jennifer Franklin. How could she know the details of the original version of his book?

As fate would have it, Brett has moved into Jenny's apartment complex while his new home is being readied. Their attraction is immediate and intense, almost as if their souls recognize one another. When Jenny discovers that Brett also dreamed the events of his new novel, she begins to wonder if their connection could run all the way to a past life?

Brett is not willing to accept any explanation that involves past lives or shared dreams. He is caught up in the here and now, and right now Jenny is what he wants. Unfortunately there seems to be someone else fixated on Brett, and that someone doesn't want Jenny in the picture at all. If Brett and Jenny are the reincarnated souls of Seth and Anna, could Maudie have returned again as well?

Outstanding historical author Janis Reams Hudson brings her storytelling expertise to the contemporary genre with this clever, poignant and absorbing tale of undying love and madness. Settle in for hours of reading pleasure! (Oct., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith