Five years after her husband's murder, she's finally healing. But when a stranger begins looking into her husband's death, she's struck with dreams of the past. Gayle Wilson's trilogy ends this month with REMEMBER MY TOUCH (4.5), a wonderfully warm romance and chilling suspense.

A single mother of twins flees to her grandmother's house, followed by a stalker. Then the babies' father shows up and learns JODIE'S LITTLE SECRETS (4). In a frightening thriller, Joanna Wayne captures the reader's attention.

At eight years old, an interior designer was at her aunt's house at the time of her murder. Now, at 30, she has flashes of memory and hires a P.I. to investigate. Dawn Stewardson has pulled a story right from the headlines and adds delightful mysterious touches in THE MISSING HOUR (3).

A jailed ex-cop thinks escaping is the only way to prove his innocence. When he asks a psychiatrist for help, she must decide if she will risk her own future. RUNAWAY HEART (1) is an entertaining on-the-run story, though Saranne Dawson drops readers into a story that started before the first chapter.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson