The third installment in Robin Lee Hatcher's Americana series relates the story of young Sarah McLeod's search for happiness.

Sarah has always dreamed of leaving Homestead, Idaho, but dreams don't always come true. Sarah is engaged to Warren Wesley and her only chance to travel will be on her honeymoon.

Sarah hardly remembers when Warren's older brother, Jeremiah, left Homestead. Now that he has come home and taken a job as deputy sheriff, Sarah is determined to mend the breach between the brothers.

Sarah suddenly finds herself thinking more and more of Jeremiah and begins wondering if Warren is the right man for her. When she is lost in a blizzard, Jeremiah comes to her rescue, and, alone on his family farm, they give in to their forbidden passions.

While Jeremiah confesses only his physical desire, Sarah knows she is in love and calls off her marriage. When she discovers she's pregnant, Jeremiah agrees to marry her, but he has to fight off the demons of his past before he can be truly free to love Sarah as she deserves.

REMEMBER WHEN is a tender and touching love story. Ms. Hatcher creates vulnerable characters who often find what they are looking for at their front doors. This heartwarming and heartrending romance will captivate you. A definite must read! SWEET (Nov., 400 pp., $4.99)

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