Ex-cop turned successful businesswoman Angela Donahue is angered that Det. John Reilly questions her about the shooting death of reclusive businessman J.J. Slade. Angela has never seen nor met Mr. Slade.

However, when Det. Reilly produces witnesses who swear Angela ate lunch with the deceased, and her signature is found on the receipt, Angela becomes afraid.

Undercover cop Dylan Montana knows that Angela is being framed. Because of their past histories with the Savannah Police Department, it might be difficult to convince others.

When it is learned that J.J. Slade left most of his estate to Angela, she once again seems to have the best motive for killing the man. How is Angelas presence being faked in so many locations? Does she have a doppleganger?

Voodoo, danger and romance all combine to construct an on the edge of your seat thriller! Thrilling readers is obviously something Ms. Jones excels at! (Mar., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith