Jade Bassett is living a nightmare on Atlanta's mean streets as a homeless person. Upon her husband's death, she discovers not only had he cleaned out their life savings, but he was a hunted man. Now, she's being hunted. She turns to the police, but discovers they're in with the men chasing her. With no money, family or friends to turn to, Jade goes from shelter to shelter, hoping to evade the men closing in on her.

At a church soup kitchen, she meets graphic designer Jeffrey Nelson, who offers her a room in his house. Though attracted to the handsome stranger, Jade is hesitant, but she's too sick, too discouraged to turn down a real bed for the night. The next morning, Jeffrey offers her a proposition she can't refuse: he'll support her until she can get back on her feet. Distrustful but desperate, Jade accepts. The more she's with Jeffrey, she discovers falling in love with him is inevitable. That he loves her, too, is like a dream come true, but she knows their love is doomed. Unless she can find out why the mob is after her, Jade is resigned to living a lonely life on the run, sacrificing her happiness for Jeffrey's safety.

Bridget Anderson has written an insightful, provocative story that will warm the heart and enrich the soul. (Feb. 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson