This summers Best Pirate Historical! Ms. Fetzer delivers the perfect, deadly rogue, a pirate known as The Black Angel. One of the many Granville bastards, Raiden Montgomery clawed his way to infamy. Hunted by the East India Company, nothing can stop his intended reprisal against the man who destroyed his only familynothing that is, except for a beautiful woman.

Alone in a strange land, searching for her missing, autistic son, Willa only meant to even the odds against her husband when she is kidnapped by the notorious Black Angel.

She is denied her desperate quest until she agrees to become Raidens mistress. With his small, deadly fleet of ships, Raiden begins an intensive search for the child, yet is always one step behind. Willa is captured by her husband and sold to a powerful sultan. After a final conflict with her husband, Willa and Raiden must rescue the child before theyre betrayed by one of Raidens own crew.

Ms. Fetzer, a gifted writer, once again delivers a wonderfully rich tale of love, betrayal, desire and vengeance. Set amid the wild landscape of Indias southwestern coast and the Spice Islands, this tale of two battered hearts rediscovering the value of love is both poignant and memorablea definite must for those seeking adventure on the high seas. And with five other siblings to be discovered, we can look forward to lots of yummy reading hours! SENSUAL (Aug., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black