Image of Renegade Riders


Image of Renegade Riders

Published posthumously, this was actually MacTavish's first novel. It's a rugged tale in the tradition of Zane Grey, complete with an honorable cowboy, a headstrong woman and a cast of wonderfully detestable villains who fulfill western readers' fantasies.

Trace Ord is a renegade rider, a wrangler for hire sent to reclaim rustled horses. When he finds someone stealing his horse, he shoots and asks questions later. The thief turns out to be a woman.

Mae Comstock is fleeing her ruthless husband when she comes upon Trace. He vows to help her, not knowing how much she will change his life. Determined to get back to her family in Kentucky, Mae teams up with Trace to expose Comstock as a killer and a rustler. Drawing him into her life and without meaning to, they fall in love. With help from old and new friends, they find not only the means to justice, but a way to a new life. (LEISURE, Mar., 300 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin