Aurora Bennett is determined to move a herd of cattle from Colorado to Texas and she needs to hire a gunman as her bodyguard. Half-breed ex-Texas Ranger Cole McCord is the best around. Shell do just about anything to get him to agree to her proposal.

A notorious gunslinger, Cole is ready for retirement, but being Auroras bodyguard is not how he intends to leave the profession. Yet, its obvious that she needs his protection because she knows nothing of the dangers of a trail drive.

On the day they set out, Aurora faces down her enemys henchmen and it is Cords timely intervention that saves her life, not just once, but time and again while they expose a traitor from within their camp, overcome stampedes, and outwit a greedy rancher who plans to kill Aurora.

Cord bears the guilt of his best friends death and cannot allow himself to grasp the love Aurora offers. Shes a brave woman, but can she let this renegade ride off with her heart?

Genell Dellin paints a vibrant portrait of a trail drive and constructs three dimensional characters and a realistic plot. Her passion for the land and courageous people who thrive there is evident on each and every page of this highly entertaining novel, the start of a new series. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin