Image of Renegade's Magic (The Soldier Son Trilogy, Book 3)


Image of Renegade's Magic (The Soldier Son Trilogy, Book 3)

Hobb masterfully writes two very
separate characters into one physical body in the third book in her Soldier Son Trilogy. Her ability to capture
detail is hindered only by her tendency
to focus on it -- making the novel wordy and lengthy in parts. It's a
truly enjoyable story, however,
that's not hindered too much by
the length.

Nevare Burvelle has become a prisoner in his own body -- his consciousness has been subsumed by Soldier's Boy, another person or consciousness that exists alongside his own inside his body.

Soldier's Boy and Nevare are so different that they claim different ancestry. Worse yet, their people have been at odds with each other for centuries. As the tensions between their two peoples head toward all-out war, which side will Nevare be on? Nevare must fight for control of his own body before Soldier's Boy leads him to battle against his own family and friends. (EOS, Feb., 672 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs