Image of The Repeat Year: A Novel


Image of The Repeat Year: A Novel

This quirky story about tough decisions and second chances will capture the heart and give hope to those who feel lost. The main character is relatable in her struggle to break free of past habits and find happiness through honesty with herself and those she loves. For anyone who has ever needed a “do over,” this novel gives hope for change and redemption.

After a year brought down by a breakup with her longtime boyfriend and difficulties with both her mother and best friend, all Olive wants is a fresh start. Instead, she wakes up on New Year’s Day to a second chance, not just to make amends for the past, but to live the whole year over again. Struggling with the burden of a year no one else can remember and trying not to make the same mistakes twice, Olive opens her eyes to a world of possibilities and tries to decide what path she will take: the comfort of the known or the even greater reward of taking a chance. (BERKLEY, May, 400 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly