Image of The Replacement Wife


Image of The Replacement Wife

The Replacement Wife resonates with images of The Sound of Music, but instead of a crisis of war in Europe, the hero battles a crisis of faith in Atlanta. Once again, Warren is masterful in creating characters who tug at our hearts and make us mad as heck while remaining grounded in the tenets of faith.

Chloe stakes claim to Quentin Chambers before his wife Chandra’s grave is cold. The only Mrs. Chambers in her way now is Quentin’s mother, who hires Montana as a live-in nanny. Chloe makes a deal with the devil to kill the threat she sees in Montana’s humble spirit and soul-stirring voice, which begin to remind Quentin of Chandra. Quentin, a near-billionaire and former choir director, has one woman on his arm, his deceased wife’s memory in his heart and the sound of music dying under his roof. Montana sings like an angel and is truly committed to her new life in Christ. All she wants now is a prince of her own. (DAFINA, Mar., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton