Plain, bookish Primrose Victoria Dane is witness to a murder and knows the man who ordered the deed to be done. In the stews of London, she finds refuge with the Kettle family and ponders a way out of her predicament.

Unknown to Prim, someone is hired to find her. His name is Nightshade, dark as Lucifer and as deadly as the name he bears. When he finally runs her to ground, he takes her home to his castle.

Prim discovers that Nightshade is actually Sir Lucas Hawthorne, an ex-thief. Though Prim refuses to tell him from what she is running (for fear of jeopardizing his life), Luke discovers that his old nemesis, Mortimer Fleet, is involved.

At cross purposes with each other, Luke fights the newfound love he feels for Prim, while Prim can't decide who this enigmatic man really is: a dangerous thief, a gentleman or a lover.

In THE RESCUE, Ms. Robinson shows her skill for writing humor. Her zany cast of secondary characters is a delight and her snappy repartee is a joy. SENSUAL (Mar., 274 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond