Gibson does it again! This is a really fun, straight-up romance with witty dialogue, grown-up characters and a story readers can relate to, even if they aren’t from Texas. This book will keep you up way too late — you’ll be having too much fun reading it to put it down.

Sadie Hollowell reluctantly returns to the tiny town of Lovett, Texas, to be in her cousin’s wedding and visit her father, who has always poured all his emotions into the family ranch — with none left for her. Sadie is perfectly happy selling real estate in Phoenix and living the single life, as long as she stays out of Lovett. Vince Haven has done a lot of things since leaving the SEALs. After living a life with a definite mission, he is not fond of just hanging around. So when his aunt asks him to come to Lovett to talk about a business deal, he is good to go. Sadie and Vince turn to each other for a friendly, no-ties arrangement that will be good for them and keep the marriage-minded folks off their backs. But as things go on, Vince and Sadie begin acting more like a couple than a casual hook-up. Can they take a chance on love and Lovett? (AVON, May, 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan