Image of Rescued By The Dreamy Doc (Medical #480)


Image of Rescued By The Dreamy Doc (Medical #480)

RESCUED BY THE DREAMY DOC (2) by Amy Andrews: World-renowned psychologist Sebastian Walker has seen too much violence to continue working in war zones, so he has transferred to a small mental health clinic in Australia. Psych nurse Callie Duncan is supposed to be showing Sebastian the ins and outs of his new position, but an immediate attraction sidetracks the two. However, after one amazing night together they decide that it is not a good idea to become involved in a long-term affair. After all, they are co-workers and both are dealing with traumatic pasts that make it difficult for them to commit to each other. But after working together for months, it becomes impossible for them to stay apart. Can they overcome their pasts in order to make a future together? While it is nice to read about two independent people, the hero and heroine deny being in a relationship until it becomes ludicrous. They are not so much cautious as they are stubborn. So even though there is tremendous heat between the hero and heroine, the emotional aspect of the relationship seems to be missing completely.

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Dawn Crowne