The final volume in Henderson's O'Malley series combines her no-frills style with a fast-moving, intricate plot. Stephen is the troubled holdout in the O'Malley clan.

After his sister's death, he battles despair and resists attraction to a beautiful blind girl, Meghan Delhart. Burned out, he takes a break from his job as a Chicago EMT. A move to the country seems perfect…until he and Meghan land smack in the middle of a dangerous investigation into a nest of jewel thieves.

Henderson deftly juggles three villains who glide through the shadows in opposition to each other. Toward the end, the third villain's actions left a few questions in my mind, but not enough to spoil the read. The characters' inner and external conflicts seem to leap off the page into your heart. (Mar., 350 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson