Tired of deadbeat men and dead-end relationships, medical examiner Daryl Larsen has decided to step out in faith and let the Good Lord choose a husband for her. Her patience is rewarded when she meets ex-professional basketball player Sheldon Turner at a New Years Eve party. Though she has no doubt Sheldon is her future husband, Daryl is aware of Sheldons playboy reputation and refuses to be just another pretty face in the sea of women who always seem to follow him.

As they become acquainted, their attraction for each other grows stronger each minute they spend together. Daryl tries not to doubt Sheldons feelings for her—even when his ex-girlfriend comes to town, determined to woo Sheldon back into her boudoir. But thats the least of her worries. When his ex-girlfriend is murdered Sheldon is charged with the crime. Daryls moral and professional beliefs are pushed to the limit. As she sets out to prove Sheldons innocence, Daryl realizes that shes also about to learn a painful lesson about hope, faith and love.

Jacquelin Thomas second novel is as emotionally charged and compelling as her first. A RESOLUTION OF LOVE is a true testament of what love and faith can accomplish if the heart is willing. (Dec., 247 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson