Four women meet at their annual New Year's Eve dinner to discuss resolutions made the previous year. In "A Losing Proposition" by Hart, Caryn, who wanted to lose weight and get laid, details her growth throughout the year via journal entries.

In Haynes' "Free Fall," Deanna, who wanted to learn to skydive, met instructor Cole Johnson and got the ride of her life. This titillating story will make every woman wish for her own free fall.

Jenna's goal of buying a house has been unfulfilled, though she does find an enchanting house with an intriguing owner in "For Sale by Owner" by Wyndfield.

Spring Matthews simply resolved to be spontaneous. However, she's practically glued to her organizer and finds spontaneity harder than she imagined. Meeting younger Morgan Mackay on a trip to Scotland goes a long way in Knight's passionate "That Scottish Spring." (dl, $6.85)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor