Political Consultant Macon Stratton is riding high, having just been named Washington, D.C.'s "Most Politically Powerful Woman." Macon has made sure that she has climbed to the top on her own and not capitalized on being Senator Gordon Stratton's stepdaughter. Her relationship with her stepfather, however, is about to change her life.

Secret Service Agent Jacob Blackfort has been working for the last four years on uncovering the players in a worldwide counterfeiting ring. When Jacob approaches Macon for her assistance, he tells her the truth, up to a point. All evidence currently points to Senator Stratton being one of the ring leaders. Getting close to Macon and enlisting her help is Jacob's best chance at proving the connection.

Macon and Jacob are both damaged individuals who bear deep scars which color their view of life and relationships. Their forced proximity lights a fire between them that threatens to burn out of control. In a town that thrives on lies and double dealing, can they uncover the truth?

Exciting author Neesa Hart brings an insider's perspective to this intriguing tale of truth, lies, love and forgiveness. RESTLESS demonstrates that Ms. Hart has a flair for contemporary romance that bodes well for readers everywhere. (May, 352 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith