In the latest book of the Azhakstan and Ezzarian empires, part demon-souled Seyonne is Prince Alexsander's unlikely protector. To regain a kingdom lost by treachery, Alexsander needs Seyonne mind-whole to protect him from assassins. But magic is turning Seyonne into a rampaging killer, threatening enemies and friends alike—even his son Evan. Evan's foster mother, Elinor, hides Evan until Seyonne can confront his dream visions or die. When he goes to the spelled prison of the Unnamed One for interpretations of his dreams, what he's told changes the foundations of his past and present forever.

Ms. Berg's enjoyable tale contains a robust storyline, likeable characters and a realistic ending. Romantic threads throughout keep us nicely hooked. Even though this is the third story, the dialogue deftly paints in back story without lecturing. (Aug., 544 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper