Savvy readers will recognize these characters from a novella in the 2006 anthology Midnight Magic. Relationships are
key in this new story as it depicts an unusual woman, who was part of an
emotional and sexual menage a trois
centuries ago. Not your typical romance, this story is more an action/adventure tale with a focus on emotional acceptance. An unusual but highly entertaining read, this story is perfect for those looking for something completely different.

Just before he was assassinated, covert ops leader Roman Barrymore saw a curious painting in a store. The unfinished work depicted a beautiful woman with her two male lovers. While transitioning to death through "the Passage," Roman is offered an assignment. There is a war for human souls going on, and the good side is currently losing. Roman will head up a Soul Retrieval Unit and his first assignment is to retrieve Nina, an amazing woman who can see the purity of souls.

Nina de Lacy has been dead a long time and both she and her former lovers Gray Talbot and Damien Hart have lingered in the Passage to help new souls. But Nina has been imprisoned by a powerful demon, so Roman's task to retrieve her won't be easy. Yet Nina is critical to the plan to stop a deadly and insidious plot by an arch-demon, so success is imperative! (Tor Paranormal Romance, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith