Linese fell in love with and married Chase Cordell almost on first sight. Soon after their brief honeymoon, he left Mainfield, Texas, to fight for the Union forces. Now Chase Cordell is coming home, a wounded hero, and Linese must give up her wartime career on his family's newspaper. She fears Chase won't be pleased to have an "independent thinker" for his wife.

Chase notices Linese among the crowd welcoming him home; a tiny blond woman who reaches out to him. But he doesn't recognize her as his wife. He doesn't remember anything before waking in the infirmary and knows nothing of his past except what he's gleaned from Linese's letters to him.Without knowing why, he's kept his memory loss a secret and continues the practice in the face of all the problems it presents.

In this emotionally elegant love story about a changed man returning from war to a homefront equally transformed, Linda Castle defines the truism that war makes strangers even of lovers and confirms that love can heal the most wounded reality. (Jan., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger