November Intimate Moments offers a real treat from Nora Roberts as she takes us on the high tide of love in another visit to the Calhoun family in Maine. This time, a young mother from Oklahoma moves east so her son can get to know his half-brother and becomes involved in unraveling yet another strand of the Calhoun family legend. But her real destiny is to meet MEGAN'S MATE (4.5), a sinfully sexy sailor who finally finds a home for his restless heart. Always a joy to read, Ms. Roberts adds a wonderful new chapter in the saga of one of her most appealing families.

Marilyn Pappano makes us all want to be a part of the Russo family as the handsome eldest son, a Houston detective, learns that he's about to become a father in DISCOVERED: DADDY (4). The only trouble is, he can't remember the night he spent with the mother, the shy and reserved owner of a small-town baby boutique. Ms. Pappano masterfully crafts a sensitive and beautiful love story to steal our hearts away.

Margaret Watson turns the steam heat on high in TO SAVE HIS CHILD (4), a pulse-pounding romance in which a handsome government agent travels south to extract the woman he loves from the jungles of a small country on the verge of civil war. His feisty lady, however, has more than one surprise up her sleeve for him as they flee a ruthless rebel leader. Ms. Watson really ties our hearts up in knots in this breathtaking adventure of the heart.

Next up is favorite storyteller Marion Smith Collins who melts our hearts with BABY MAKES THREE (4). A sexy lawyer is shocked to learn that not only is he a father but that his son has been adopted by a beautiful TV-journalist. Can these two strong personalities put aside their personal concerns and do the right thing? Ms. Collins sets off a blaze of emotional fireworks in this dandy love story.

Elane Osborn piques our interest as a beautiful investment broker, whose wedding falls through at the last minute, impulsively sets off alone on her planned honeymoon trip to England and gets mixed up with romance and danger in HONEYMOON WITH A HANDSOME STRANGER (2). Although Ms. Osborn keeps our interest at a high level with a variety of intriguing twists and turns, the hero does not live up to his initial promise.

In THE RETURN OF CORD NAVARRO (2), a handsome search-and-rescue expert and his ex-wife join forces to track down their young son in the mountains of Colorado. Their journey provides them with one last chance to come to terms with their relationship. Although the psychological exposition is somewhat heavy-handed, Vella Munn really makes us care what happens to this couple and their son.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer