Image of Return of the Dapper Men


Image of Return of the Dapper Men

A charming new fairy tale that combines elements of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy. Jim McCann and Janet Lee have created a winning and memorable visual adventure!

Time has come to a complete stop. In this world, each day looks the same as the sun never sets and the movement of time is frozen; but life has continued its same grind. However because nothing changes, the world has lost its luster until 314 men, known as the dapper gentlemen, come down from the sky. Their arrival prompts Ayden, a human boy, and Zoe, a female robot, to set off on a journey for answers. Dapper man “41” joins them as they learn the truth about having a purposeful life and  finally witness the sun setting with the possibility of a new tomorrow. (Archaia Entertainment, Nov., 128 pp., $24.95, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 9781932386905)

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Reviewed by: 
Doug Edwards