Young Christian Sauvage and his father are convicted of theft and transported to Botany Bay, Australia. Fifteen years later, the newly freed Christian returns to England to claim his legacy and the title Earl of Egremont.

But there's a cousin who also lays claim to the inheritance, and questions arise as to whether Christian is the true heir or an impostor. Because she knew Christian when they were children, Miss Julianne Lowell is called upon to help solve the conundrum.

It's a bit difficult for her to associate this handsome, charming man with the mischievous lad of her youth, but the more Julianne sees of Christian the more she comes to believe he's the heir—and she comes to love him. But Christian's quest to claim his heritage is imperiled by another relative—this one devious, ruthless and determined to discredit him.

With her captivating characters and finely honed writing, Layton weaves an emotional and sensual love story that's well worth reading. SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond