Image of Return to Grace (A Home Valley Amish Novel)


Image of Return to Grace (A Home Valley Amish Novel)

Harper’s Home Valley trilogy continues with a strong installment that deals with one woman’s struggle between wanting to make it in the outside world and staying with what she has always known. The author’s likable, engaging characters and a strong plot lend additional strength to her ever-amazing descriptions of Amish life.

Hannah Esh grew up in Home Valley, Ohio, but when the boy she wanted to marry broke her heart, she left to pursue a singing career. Three years later, on Halloween, Hannah returns with a group of friends to have a party at the Amish cemetery. Tragedy strikes when shots ring out, aimed at the group. Hannah is injured, but one of her friends is killed. Help arrives in the form of Seth Lantz — the man who broke her heart before. Hannah struggles with trying to solve the mystery, which unearths long-buried secrets in the community — and is working closely both with the good-looking FBI agent on the case, Linc Armstrong, and Seth, now a widower, who feels blessed with a second chance to get Hannah back. Hannah is also caught in an emotional battle between trusting Seth with her heart again, and continuing to follow her dream. (MIRA, Mar., 368 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson