This agreeably offbeat story is by turns heartbreaking and hilarious, and it has
an ending that strikes just the right note. Readers will no doubt look forward to Cochran's future work.

Accustomed to people being put off by her job -- she's a senior auditor for the IRS -- Sasha Gardner is nevertheless caught by surprise when she starts getting irate calls from strangers about one of the files on her desk. She's never met Jonah Gray, but she's soon very curious about him. Digging into Jonah's life becomes a bit of an obsession, while her father is battling cancer for the last time and her dysfunctional family begins to buckle under the strain. Jonah's a puzzle -- who gives up an enviable lifestyle and successful journalism career to work for a small-town newspaper? Someone who's more interesting than the man Sasha's recently been seeing, that's for sure! (MIRA, Mar., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer