Trisha Terrence is having the mother of all days. Her partner, Guy, just informed her hes gambled away the bed-and-breakfast in which they share. To make matters worse, the marker is held by a ruthless loan-shark/restaurateur whos been pursuing Trisha for years.

Suddenly, Guy is killed. With nowhere to turn, Trisha is stunned when her old love, Kaliq Faulkner, comes to her rescue, taking her to his ranch in Wyoming. Knowing that she loves him even more than when theyd parted, Trisha wonders if Kaliq is just being a good friend or if he still loves her.

Kaliq cant believe his good fortune to have the woman he loves with him again. He lost her once and doesnt plan to lose her again. While protecting her in his home, he focuses on rekindling their love, but the killers close in and the stakes become deadly.

Viveca Carlysle has brought Kaliq and Trisha to life in their own dynamic story while briefly revisiting Palladin and Jesslyn, the sensational couple from Sweet Lies. RETURN TO LOVE is yet another example of Ms. Carlysles ability to create stories and couples well never forget. (Sep., 246 pps., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson