Image of Return to Me: A Novel (Last Chance Rescue)


Image of Return to Me: A Novel (Last Chance Rescue)

The dramatic adventures continue in the second book of hot new talent Reece's trilogy. Book two sets its sights on the founder of Last Chance Rescue, Noah McCall. Emotionally damaged by his horrendous upbringing, this hero has his heart locked down, but heroine Samara Lyons is no shrinking violet. Together, these protagonists play with life-and-death stakes, and danger emanates from every page. Take a walk on the perilous side ... you won't be disappointed!

LCR founder Noah haunts Samara's dreams. When Noah turns up in Alabama asking for Samara's help tracking down girls kidnapped as part of an online scheme, she agrees. Samara's youthful appearance should help flush out these predators.

Events go badly awry, however, and Samara is taken captive. Beaten and tortured, Samara learns that the monsters from Noah's past are back -- and by saving her, he may be sacrificing himself. (BALLANTINE, May, 342 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith