Image of Return to Me (The Restoration Chronicles)


Image of Return to Me (The Restoration Chronicles)

Biblical fiction enthusiasts can rejoice at the new series from Austin where biblical characters triumph at the restoration of the temple in Jerusalem. Timeless truths are revealed against the backdrop of family allegiances and the call of God. Lively characters enmeshed in Jewish tradition provide an Old Testament drama that is sure to garner readership.

King Cyrus allows the enslavement of the Jews to come to an end and permits their return to Jerusalem. Iddo and his eldest grandson, Zechariah, become faithful followers of the Almighty God of their ancestors and want desperately to return to the land of their forefathers. The years of enslavement to Babylon have caused many family members to become apathetic and they wish to remain in their comfort zone, but Iddo is not swayed. Iddo and Zechariah embrace the duties of worship, prayer and carrying out the practices God ordained for them. Iddo’s wife, Dinah, strives to honor her husband and create a loving home for her family in a new land that causes her grief. Zechariah encounters the worldly stresses and the study of Torah as he grows into manhood and listens for the voice of God. (BETHANY HOUSE, Oct., 464 pp., $14.99)

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Lindy J. Swanson